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Retreat Space Near Yosemite National Park


Nestled in the forest outside of Yosemite National park, an escape to peace awaits. The gentle sound of lively streams surrounds the main 3 bedroom building, with an astonishing panoramic view of the water. Cross the footbridge and settle amongst the trees on a quaint island. Stay in the private loft villa, featuring 2 private bedrooms and a beautiful view of the landscape. Drift to sleep in one of the 2 unique king-size beds, 2 additional luxurious queen-size beds, or the cozy full bed. A full kitchen fitted with Miele and Viking appliances, and pristinely crafted stone countertops invites culinary magic. Enjoy a soak in our custom carved bathtub, made from stone that was locally sourced right from the property. Relaxation and comfort are available at many uniquely crafted seating areas across this expansive property. Sit in serenity overlooking the flowing water, or enjoy the soft emerald green lawn. This destination cultivates a feeling of priceless comfort, with the forest as your only neighbor.

Perfect For A Yoga Retreat

If you want to cultivate the perfect tranquil gathering to align the spirit, having a serene environment at your door is paramount to being one with nature. The sounds of nature will greet your desire to seek a soothing space to host a rejuvenating yoga retreat. An amalgamation of nature and luxury awaits you and your retreat goers. Mindfulness can be found in many of the intentionally designed gathering areas, combining pristine craftsmanship with the simplicity of nature. Adho mukha svanasana on an island, with two humbling brooks passing by your ears. Vrikshasana while the trees stretch beside you. Any position will feel empowered by the wise gaze of the trees that pepper through this venue. Your journey to bring restoration to your group awaits.

Spacious Patio

Workshop Retreat

Remove the distractions of the day-to-day by hosting a meeting of minds here. When you need to have a relaxing yet opulent location to maximize the available focus, this remote property outside of the Yosemite National Park provides that invaluable setting. The common area features a flowing open layout fitted with a custom-designed lounge,  where your backdrop is the soothing vista of nature. After completing a session, the ability to recollect in privacy is readily available either in one of the 5 uniquely crafted bedrooms or outdoors in one of the relaxing seating areas. The entire indoor gathering area has been finely curated to provide luxury that compliments the wonder of nature that surrounds you. With plenty of space and the simplicity of nature at your fingertips, this location offers valuable focus. A lavish locale to gather and expand understanding is a booking away.

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An Excellent Location To Host A Hiking Retreat

The thrill of nature can be right outside of your door. Located near the majestic Yosemite National Park, your group of like-minded trekkers will feel at home here. Featuring a beautiful view of the forest, this property is the perfect place to begin a fulfilling journey into the wilds. Lewis Creek National Recreation Trail, Nelder Grove, Shadow of the Giants National Recreation Trail, are all located within 12 miles of the south gate of Yosemite Nat'l Park. Start every morning with a desire to tackle adventure and end every evening feeling fulfilled. A journey with premium comforts is around the next bend.

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Our location is separated from the world by the Yosemite woodlands and is truly a place of peace. Because of this, it makes for the perfect location for large or small social gatherings. Privacy and company can be effortless at this charming property, and between the luxury of modern comfort and the land is ready to provide that opportunity.  The soft green lawn can hold around 40 guests wanting to smell the crisp air of nature with pleasant company. The luxurious indoor custom-designed common area can host many vibrant guests. The open layout is separated by an exceptionally well-crafted stone counter bar attached to the kitchen fitted with top-of-the-line Miele and Viking appliances. Imagine hosting a private retreat in the wilds of California, with palatial comfort. We would love to share the experiences that we have enjoyed here with you and your party. If you would like to explore these possibilities, click the link below to contact us.

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